Devcamp knows that many young people don’t feel connected to the exciting digital sector which is growing on their doorstep. We want to take steps to address this by seeking out talented young people and offering them a unique opportunity to gain access to role models from within the industry who can teach and inspire them. We will teach skills in developing apps for Facebook, phone and web aiming to put young people firmly on a career path. We want to open doors by delivering new and innovative ways of learning to young people who may not know that careers in these industries exist nor know how to access them.

Our aims are:

  • To inspire young people from East London about the digital sector and teach them skills they need to participate in it
  • To build a bridge between the digital sector and the young people who live on it’s doorstep
  • To grow Devcamp into a sustainable programme providing a career pathway for local young people into the digital sector.

Devcamp 2011
We delivered 3 pilot courses in Summer 2011. All 3 courses were oversubscribed and we received excellent feedback from students and industry volunteers. Feedback showed that students particularly enjoyed meeting new people, learning about apps and the opportunity to meet industry professionals was really important for them.

73% of students who filled in the course feedback forms now feel that they are in a better position to think about a future job. The remaining 27% all agreed with one or more of the following statements: they felt more confident, had learnt new skills and felt better about themselves following the courses.

Students’ responses when we asked – What have been the 3 best things about your course?
“A great atmosphere for work”
“We had fun”
“Meeting people who do this for a living”
“Learning new stuff to help in my future”
“Having a hands on approach on learning”