Meet some of our tutors & helpers for our Facebook course

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Meet some of our tutors & helpers for our Facebook course

Ahead of Monday’s kick off we’d like to introduce you to some of the people helping us on our mission to get more kids coding.

Tutoring our coders and helping out next week will be these fine gentlemen.

Ryan Zammit

Ryan Zammit is a PhD student at Middlesex University in London. He is experienced with over two years working in the software development industry. Is interested in IT, Business and Education. Inspired by code DJing and wants to inspire and help others into the mind-set.

Gi Fernando

A born entrepreneur, Gi made his first product aged 10 and has been developing new ideas in tech ever since.  His most recent success was as co-founder and CEO of Techlightenment – a company that provides products and services in social technology for brands. Techlightenment was sold to Experian plc in 2011.

In April 2012 Gi launched his next project: Freeformers.  His mission is to use accelerated learning techniques to teach coding and programming skills to young minds and capitalise on the innovative and creative heritage of the UK.  All the while tackling unemployment and encouraging greater diversity in the UK’s burgeoning tech sector.

Alex Willows

Alex is a recent graduate of Gi’s first bootcamp for young people.  Having very little coding experience prior to completing our course he has single-handedly built a Facebook app in a number of days and is currently talking to investors.  He will be on hand during the course to provide tuition and assistance to the participants.


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